Nils Landgren
4 Wheel Drive

VÖ: 15.03.2019

Genre: Beliebte Alben, Jazz



ACT 9875-2, 614427987525
Nils Landgren / trombone & vocals
Michael Wollny / piano
Lars Danielsson / bass & cello
Wolfgang Haffner / drums

Recorded October (9 - 11, 2018) , mixed and mastered by Lars Nilsson at Nilento studio, Gothenburg, Sweden

Produced by Siggi Loch

Cover art by Peter Krüll

Four top musicians, an exceptional band. Their common drive: jazz. Landgren, Wollny, Haffner and Danielsson - they are in great demand with their own projects, now they have united as a quartet. Together, these four great soloists and team players pick up speed.

Nils Landgren
For the words versatility and curiosity, there is a synonym: Nils Landgren. Virtuosically, "Mr. Red Horn" navigates from perspective to perspective, partly because he thrives on constant change. Two souls reside in his chest: When the audience experiences him with his "Funk Unit," the Swede reveals his distinctive, relentlessly groovy side and becomes the jazz action hero. But there's also a very gentle, melancholic, highly sentimental Nils Landgren. This side of him emerges, for example, during the Advent season when the instrumentalist and singer celebrates "Christmas With My Friends," or in his ballad projects. On the trombone, he intones with unparalleled smoothness, and his uniquely textured, fragile voice touches the heart and soul with its sensitivity.
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