Andreas Schaerer
Out Of Land

VÖ: 26.05.2017

Genre: Jazz



ACT 9832-2, 614427983220
Emile Parisien / soprano saxophone
Vincent Peirani / accordion
Andreas Schaerer / voice & mouth percussion
Michael Wollny / piano

A supergroup of European jazz – that's probably the best way to describe the quartet featuring Swiss singer Andreas Schaerer, German pianist Michael Wollny, French accordionist Vincent Peirani, and his compatriot on soprano saxophone, Emile Parisien.
With the live album "Out of Land," they now prove together that they are at the forefront of the jazz generation between 30 and 40 years old: because they redefine the possibilities of their instruments and expand the boundaries of jazz.

Andreas Schaerer
There are some good reasons why Andreas Schaerer from Bern is one of the most interesting vocal artists on the music scene worldwide.Which starts with the fact that he is far more than just a singer and also only fits into the jazz pigeonhole to a limited extent. Schaerer is much more of a vocal juggler who can not only sound his organ in the most diverse registers and styles (from classical song to crooner or scat singing), but can also use it to produce every conceivable sound and imitate all kinds of instruments up to and including beatbox drums and pile them on top of each other polyphonically in literally unbelievable ways. He is also a brilliant composer and improviser who can use these skills variably for the most diverse projects and create rhythmic and melodic virtuosity. And finally, he has an abundance of stage charisma and the gift of humour, which is rather rare in "serious music", and which comes into its own above all with his parade band Hildegard Lernt Fliegen.
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