Wolfgang Haffner
Silent World

VÖ: 27.01.2023

Genre: Jazz, Drums & Percussion



ACT 9963-2, 614427996329
Wolfgang Haffner / drums

Simon Oslender / piano & keyboards
Thomas Stieger / bass (except 05 & 10)
Sebastian Studnitzky / trumpet
Bill Evans / soprano sax (01)
Till Brönner / flugelhorn (04)
Nils Landgren / trombone (08)
Dominic Miller / guitar (05)
Mitchel Forman / lead synth (02)
Eythor Gunnarsson / rhodes & synth (10)
Alma Naidu / vocals (01 - 03 & 08)
Rhani Krija / percussion (04 & 05)
Bruno Müller / e-guitar (01 & 10)
Nicolas Fiszman / bass (05 & 10)
Norbert Nagel & Marc Wyand / tenor sax, flute & clarinet (05 & 10)

Recorded by Klaus Genuit at Hansahaus Studios Bonn, Germany, May 2022, except Faro & Belief recorded by Clemens Matznick at Hansa Studio Berlin, Germany, Jan 2012
Mixed by Arne Schumann with Wolfgang Haffner
Mastered by Götz-Michael Rieth at Eastside Mastering Berlin

Produced by Wolfgang Haffner

"Silent World" sounds like the essence of Wolfgang Haffner's work. As is customary for him, he's accompanied by outstanding musicians. In addition to his regular trio, longtime companions like Bill Evans, Till Brönner, Dominic Miller, Nils Landgren, or Mitchel Forman contribute their qualities. Together, they create the Haffner sound, a unique and unmistakable combination of refined groove, beautiful melodies, and a deep sense of atmosphere and magical moods. The album title can be understood through a quote from Claude Debussy: "Music is the silence between the notes."

Wolfgang Haffner
Wolfgang Haffner is regarded as Germany's "best" (Die Welt) and "coolest" (ARD ttt) drummer, as well as the "most important drummer of his generation" (Süddeutsche Zeitung) – all accolades bestowed upon him by the music industry. Haffner began his career early, and at the age of 18, he was chosen by Albert Mangelsdorff to join his band. Over the years, he has not only played with some of the finest German jazz musicians, including Klaus Doldinger, Till Brönner, and Michael Wollny, but he is also one of the few Germans who have achieved international success. U.S. stars like Pat Metheny, Randy and Michael Brecker, Chuck Loeb, and John Abercrombie have entrusted their music to his unwavering drive and inspiring creativity. Scandinavian greats from Nils Landgren to Lars Danielsson have also benefited from his powerful and dynamic drumming. Due to his extremely forceful and dynamic playing, Haffner is also in high demand as a collaborator with rock and pop stars such as Chaka Khan, the Fantastischen Vier, and even Nightmares on Wax. Like many of the best in his field, Haffner was never content with just playing the drums. He started composing and producing early on, and he launched his own projects. With albums under his own name, Haffner is now one of the most successful German jazz musicians and bandleaders. Wolfgang Haffner is a master of atmosphere, groove, and flow. His keen sense of musical beauty and atmospheric moods define his music. He has developed his own distinctive personal style, and as a bandleader, he has undoubtedly crafted a typical Haffner sound that is recognizable within just a few bars. As a producer, Haffner has also made a name for himself, working with bands like Mezzoforte and singer Max Mutzke. As a drummer, he has appeared on over 400 albums, performed at major jazz festivals worldwide, and toured in 100 countries, from Japan to the USA, from South Africa to Brazil.
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