Michael Wollny

VÖ: 30.09.2022

Genre: Beliebte Alben, Piano Jazz



ACT 9956-2, 614427995629
Michael Wollny / piano
Tim Lefebvre / bass
Eric Schaefer / drums

Recorded by Guy Sternberg at Clouds Hill Studio Hamburg, June 17 & 18, 2022
Assistant: Sebastian Muxfeldt
Mixed and sound design by Guy Sternberg
Additional sound processing & synths by Tim Lefebvre
Mastered by Darius van Helfteren

Produced by Michael Wollny
Co-producers: Guy Sternberg and Andreas Brandis

Cover art by Shoshu: Sound and Light (Works 1)

"As an improviser, you often don't play the compositions themselves, but rather your own memories of them. And these memories come back to you in the moment of playing, continuing their existence in the here and now," says Michael Wollny. One could also say: songs are like ghosts. The album "Ghosts" is a gathering of some of these ghosts that regularly visit Wollny. And as always with Wollny, their range spans from classics like Franz Schubert's "Erlkönig" to jazz standards, film music, fragile songs by artists like Nick Cave or the band Timber Timbre, all the way to darkly shimmering original compositions.

Michael Wollny
Michael Wollny, born in 1978 in Schweinfurt, is an internationally successful jazz pianist, music creator, innovator, and a charismatic figure. No one plays the piano quite like him. His trademark is the unpredictable, the quest for the unheard, the courage to surrender to the moment, and making the unforeseen sound natural. His determination is to constantly reinvent himself both in terms of sound and composition.This quality makes him a "complete master of the piano" (FAZ) and the "strongest (jazz) musical personality that Germany has produced since Albert Mangelsdorff" (Hamburger Abendblatt).
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