David Helbock
The New Cool

VÖ: 26.03.2021

Genre: Empfehlungen, Piano Jazz



ACT 9927-2, 614427992727
David Helbock piano
Sebastian Studnitzky trumpet
Arne Jansen guitar

With pianist David Helbock, trumpeter Sebastian Studnitzky, and guitarist Arne Jansen, three exceptionally distinctive and renowned bandleaders and solo artists of European jazz come together to form a truly special trio. What unites them all is their love for clear themes, melodies, harmonies, a distinct individual sound, and a strong rhythmic foundation in their music. These qualities also characterize the "Cool Jazz" movement of the 1940s and 50s, and the trio, under the concept of "The New Cool," builds upon these influences with the diverse elements of contemporary jazz.

David Helbock
The 32-year-old Austrian jazz pianist David Helbock belongs to the generation of young jazz musicians who break the boundaries of their profession, who radically change the musical understanding of old and new, of composition and improvisation, of style and personality and go their own way.
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