Adam Baldych

VÖ: 26.01.2024

Genre: Jazz, Duo Art



ACT 9057-2, 614427905727
Adam Bałdych / violin, renaissance violin
Leszek Możdżer / piano
produced by the artists

Passacaglia is a multi-colored musical dialogue between two unique characters who are leading figures in European jazz and contemporary music, Adam Bałdych and Leszek Możdżer. The repertoire ranges from free improvisations over works co-written by the musicians themselves to their very personal interpretations of themes by Erik Satie, Josquin des Prez and others.

The album features a highly unusual combination of instruments: a Renaissance violin, two grand pianos - one tuned to 442 Hz and the other 432 Hz - and a prepared upright piano. This setup allows an infinitely varied palette of musical expression, which defies styles, genres and even tonal and harmonic convention. The world that Bałdych and Możdżer create is one of well-balanced beauty, expressed in the noble form of chamber music, but it is also one of turbulent and intensely emotional improvisation.

Like all great art, it draws you in and leaves you intrigued at the same time – and also makes you want to come back and explore it all over again.
Adam Baldych
"Undoubtedly the greatest living violin technician in jazz. You can expect anything from him," wrote the FAZ after the acclaimed performance of the only 26-year-old Polish violinist Adam Bałdych at the Jazzfest Berlin 2011.On "Imaginary Room", his first album for the ACT label, one experiences a jazz violinist as one has never heard him before: Nothing wails or sobs here, rather Bałdych's technically breathtaking lines are reminiscent of those of a wind player, and polyphonic passages of a pianist's chord playing, always underpinned by a slightly rough, bluesy undertone.Most recently, he caused a sensation at JazzBaltica 2012 and the Montreux Jazz Festival and makes it clear: Europe has a new jazz star!
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From €17.50*
From €17.50*