Adam Baldych

VÖ: 25.08.2017

Genre: Jazz



ACT 9817-2, 614427981721
Adam Bałdych / violin, renaissance violin
Helge Lien / piano
Frode Berg / bass
Per Oddvar Johansen / drums
Tore Brunborg / saxophone

Music composed and arranged by Adam Bałdych
except 07 composed by Leonard Cohen
and arranged by Adam Bałdych & Helge Lien

Recorded by Klaus Scheuermann
at Hansa Studios, Berlin, November 12 & 13, 2016
Produced by Siggi Loch with the artist

Cover art by Alf Lechner (1925 - 2017): Anlehnung
Steel, 420 x 120 x 310 cm, ACT Art Collection

So "Brothers" is the name of Adam Bałdych's album - dedicated to the memory of his late brother, to boot - and he and his accompanists are accordingly concerned with more than virtuosity or entertainment: "I want my music to penetrate and reflect the times in which we live; to absorb their worries and longings." Emotional and clear in the pianissimo, on the other hand powerful to the bursting point and loud, haunting, the violinist evokes the entire range of emotions in his playing.

Adam Baldych
"Undoubtedly the greatest living violin technician in jazz. You can expect anything from him," wrote the FAZ after the acclaimed performance of the only 26-year-old Polish violinist Adam Bałdych at the Jazzfest Berlin 2011.On "Imaginary Room", his first album for the ACT label, one experiences a jazz violinist as one has never heard him before: Nothing wails or sobs here, rather Bałdych's technically breathtaking lines are reminiscent of those of a wind player, and polyphonic passages of a pianist's chord playing, always underpinned by a slightly rough, bluesy undertone.Most recently, he caused a sensation at JazzBaltica 2012 and the Montreux Jazz Festival and makes it clear: Europe has a new jazz star!
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