Vincent Peirani
Living Being II - Night Walker

VÖ: 31.08.2018

Genre: Crossover



ACT 9858-2 , 614427985828
Vincent Peirani / accordion, accordina & voice
Emile Parisien / soprano saxophone
Tony Paeleman / fender rhodes & keys
Julien Herné / electric bass & electric guitar
Yoann Serra / drums
Valentin Liechti / electronics on 12

Vincent Peirani is a jazz musician. World music, classical music, chanson or pop come just as easily to him. But whoever listens to his album will realise: Peirani has turned the accordion into a veritable rock'n'roll instrument. On "Night Walker", the Frenchman shines with his perfectly recorded quintet, furious Led Zeppelin covers and a sound that is unparalleled across genres.

Vincent Peirani
"What the Parisian from Nice extracts from the button accordion and the accordin has never been heard before. A rising star is playing here!" – Süddeutsche Zeitung French accordionist, singer, and composer Vincent Peirani was born on April 24, 1980, in Nice. He began playing the accordion, initially with classical music, at the age of eleven. Already in his teenage years, he won numerous international awards. At the age of 16, he discovered jazz and shortly thereafter started studying jazz in Paris. Initially, there was skepticism about his instrument, the accordion, and his classical background. However, he soon impressed with a fresh perspective on the instrument, made a name for himself in the French jazz scene, and quickly played with the cream of French jazz, including musicians like Michel Portal, Daniel Humair, Renaud Garcia Fons, Louis Sclavis, and Vincent Courtois. In parallel, he pursued various of his own projects, drawing from a wide range of genres, including jazz, chanson, world music, classical, and even heavy rock. Since 2011, Peirani has regularly played in the quartet of the Korean singer Youn Sun Nah, one of the most successful jazz artists in France in recent years. On this path, he also met Swedish guitarist Ulf Wakenius and, eventually, ACT label boss Siggi Loch. Peirani contributed to Ulf Wakenius's album "Vagabond," released in February 2012, and he has consistently amazed and delighted audiences with his live performances. In May 2013, Vincent Peirani released his first album as a leader, titled "Thrill Box," featuring a prominent lineup with pianist Michael Wollny, bassist Michel Benita, and saxophonists Michel Portal and Émile Parisien. The album reflects the richness of Peirani's musical influences and showcases him as an intelligent, sophisticated composer and a virtuosic, deeply musical instrumentalist and storyteller like never before.
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