Adam Baldych

VÖ: 25.02.2022

Genre: Beliebte Alben, Jazz



ACTLP 9939-1, 614427993915
Adam Bałdych / violin, renaissance violin
Paolo Fresu / trumpet, flugelhorn
Marek Konarski / tenor saxophone
Krzysztof Dys / piano
Michał Barański / double bass
Dawid Fortuna / drums

Music written, arranged & produced by Adam Bałdych, except Hyperballad, composed by Björk

Recorded by Ignacy Gruszecki at Monochrom Studio, June 18 & 19, 2021
Mixed and mastered by Piotr Taraszkiewicz
Piano tuned by Zbigniew Wajdzik

Cover art by Martin Assig, used with the kind permission of the artist

Polish violinist Adam Bałdych is a unique virtuoso of his instrument in jazz. However, he places his virtuosity entirely in the service of the music – with a cultivated tone, a strong sense of sound and space, and a talent for evocative melodies. These qualities connect him with Sardinian trumpeter Paolo Fresu, one of Italy's most successful jazz musicians, who becomes Bałdych's musical conversational partner in lyrical musical dialogues on "Poetry."

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Adam Baldych
"Undoubtedly the greatest living violin technician in jazz. You can expect anything from him," wrote the FAZ after the acclaimed performance of the only 26-year-old Polish violinist Adam Bałdych at the Jazzfest Berlin 2011.On "Imaginary Room", his first album for the ACT label, one experiences a jazz violinist as one has never heard him before: Nothing wails or sobs here, rather Bałdych's technically breathtaking lines are reminiscent of those of a wind player, and polyphonic passages of a pianist's chord playing, always underpinned by a slightly rough, bluesy undertone.Most recently, he caused a sensation at JazzBaltica 2012 and the Montreux Jazz Festival and makes it clear: Europe has a new jazz star!
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