Iiro Rantala
how long is now?

VÖ: 26.08.2016

Genre: Piano Jazz

No longer available

ACT 9823-2, 614427982322
Iiro Rantala / piano
Lars Danielsson / bass
Peter Erskine / drums, percussion

Music composed by Iiro Rantala, unless otherwise noted

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Adrian von Ripka at Bauer Studio, Ludwigsburg
June 10 & 11, 2015

Produced by Siggi Loch

Artwork by Siggi Loch

Rantala, Danielsson, and Erskine consciously move away from the classical piano trio playing concept. "How Long Is Now" features direct, groove-dominated pieces without excessive embellishments. One could call it honest music without a facade, emphasizing groundedness as a mark of quality. Its impact is derived from clarity and simplicity.

Iiro Rantala
"Intelligence, humor, a lot of sentiment, unpredictable ideas, and exquisite piano craftsmanship" (FAZ). Finnish pianist Iiro Rantala is described as "a force of nature at the keys" (Jazz Thing). For nearly 20 years, he dominated jazz stages across Europe and beyond with the anarchic trio Töykeät. His subsequent ACT debut album, "Lost Heroes," marked a turning point in his music. While unrestrained exuberance had previously ruled, Rantala now seeks and finds strength in melody, harmony, and deep emotion. His mischievousness still shines through, along with his outstanding classical piano skills. Rantala manages a delicate balance in many ways. He's celebrated by critics, receiving accolades like the German Record Critics' Annual Award, the ECHO Jazz, the Finnish EMMA Award, and many more. Simultaneously, he's a favorite of audiences, performing at hundreds, if not thousands, of concerts. Whether in classical temples like the Berlin Philharmonie, Elbphilharmonie, Konzerthaus Berlin, Philharmonie Köln, or in jazz clubs and festivals throughout Europe, he captivates audiences. Whether performing solo, as a trio, or with a full orchestra, Rantala traverses jazz, classical, pop, and Nordic songs. He combines sentiment and melancholy with a lot of wit and charm. In short, he's a master of modern, boundless piano playing.
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