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Vijay Iyer

Vijay Iyer is the American pianist of the moment:

In an incredible feat, he won the prestigious Downbeat Critics Poll in 2012 in five categories: Jazz Artist, Pianist, Rising Star Composer of the Year, his trio was named the Best Jazz Group, and their album "Accelerando" was honored as the Best Jazz Album of the Year. No other jazz musician has achieved this level of success since the poll's inception in 1953.

Howard Reich's assessment in the Chicago Tribune is by no means an exaggeration: "There can be no doubt anymore that pianist and composer Vijay Iyer ranks among the most creative and innovative jazz artists of the generation under 40."

What's particularly impressive is the breadth of Iyer's musical abilities and the diverse influences he incorporates into various musical configurations.

His highly acclaimed trio, with which he achieved international recognition, is worth highlighting. The two ACT albums, "Accelerando" (2012) and the Grammy-nominated "Historicity" (2009), were among the most noted jazz albums of recent years.

Jazzwise sums it up succinctly: "Vijay Iyer has the potential to forever change the language of jazz piano."

From €17.50*
From €17.50*