Tales of Utopia

VÖ: 29.09.2023

Genre: Piano Jazz



ACT 9976-2, 614427997623
Gadi Stern / piano and keys
David Michaeli / double bass
Matan Assayag / drums

Music composed, arranged and produced by Shalosh

Recorded by Arik Finkelberg at Levo Studios, Tel Aviv
Sound technician assistant: Yonathan Levi
January 15 and March 16 - 18, 2023
Mixed by Lars Nilsson at Nilento Studio, Gothenburg
Sound design by Arik Finkelberg
Mastered by Klaus Scheuermann

Cover art by Tal R: Blokeret dør, 2000

“Ear-catching melodies and startling improv. ****” (The Times)

For more than ten years, the trio SHALOSH has been one of the internationally most important and respected figures of the dazzling Israeli jazz scene. The new album "Tales of Utopia" is a comment on the contrasts between the freedom and beauty of music and the omnipresent tensions of life in Israel

Piano, bass, drums. Three instruments, three young musicians.An Israeli band that has a passion for Nirvana, Brahms, and The Bad Plus. They blend different styles with furious passion: the volume of rock and the danceability of electronic music meet the sensitivity of trained jazz musicians. The name of the band is "SHALOSH," which is Hebrew for "Three." "The three musicians almost explode with joy in playing. Their extroverted interpretation of the compositional material is overwhelming. Their melodic shifts, their variations in time (multiple times within one piece), their improvisational sparks push the boundaries of jazz immensely.Rock references, Eastern and African ideas, even electronic extensions merge with classical virtuosity and energetic jazz." – JAZZ FIRST | JÖRG KONRAD