Max Stadtfeld

VÖ: 26.04.2019

Genre: Young German Jazz


ACT 9679-2, 614427967923
Max Stadtfeld / drums
Matthew Halpin / tenor saxophone
Bertram Burkert / guitar
Reza Askari / double bass

Recorded by Christian Heck at Loft Cologne, December 4, 2017 & February 28, 2018
Mixed by Christian Heck at tonart-studio
Mastered by Klaus Scheuermann

Produced by Max Stadtfeld

Cover art by Jo Pauli: Nicht Sehen, by kind permission of the artist
Max Stadtfeld
School is one thing – teachers, encounters, comrades, a venerable place where, in the best case scenario, the desire for what comes next grows. The Leipzig University of Music and Theatre is one such best case. It's where Max Stadtfeld studied, among others, under professors Heinrich Köbberling and Michael Wollny. The celebrated pianist invited the 25-year-old drummer to join his BAU.HAUS.KLANG quintet with Emile Parisien, Leafcutter John, and Wolfgang Heisig at the beginning of 2019. What followed was more than just a continuation of a teacher-student relationship. It all began in Leipzig, a city with a multitude of clubs and venues where someone like Max Stadtfeld could find creative freedom and become part of a community. "An experience of the highest quality." (Fono Forum)