Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr
Relaxin' in Ireland

VÖ: 26.10.2018

Genre: Piano Jazz

No longer available

ACT 9873-2, 614427987327
Julian Wasserfuhr / trumpet & flugelhorn
Roman Wasserfuhr / piano
Jörg Brinkmann / cello

Produced by Siggi Loch with the artists

Recorded by John Fitzgerald
at Lettercollum Recording Studios West Cork, Ireland, June 25 - 27, 2018

Additional recordings by Roman E. Wasserfuhr
at Schnaff Recording Studios, July 03 - 06, 2018

Mixed and mastered by Klaus Scheuermann, July 2018

Photos by Colm Walsh

The album name says it all: "Relaxin' in Ireland" is the Wasserfuhrs' very personal view of the green island in the Atlantic, translated into notes. An album that repeatedly lets the Irish attitude to life shimmer through and tells of what the surroundings of West Cork did to the trio at the moment of musical creation.

Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr
Even as a teenager, Julian Wasserfuhr was considered Germany's greatest trumpet prodigy since Till Brönner. Together with his brother Roman on the piano, they form an inseparable duo. Their (soul) kinship benefits their collaborative playing. The brothers' familiarity lends the music a relaxed and effortless character. Whether with the trumpet or flugelhorn, Julian is not a representative of the faster-higher-further faction. With his warm tone, he creates atmospheric soundscapes. His brother Roman, with his accented and radiant piano playing, is equally involved in the band's fresh yet mature and airy sound.   After their highly acclaimed debut album "Remember Chet," which they recorded as teenagers, they made their mark in the German jazz scene. Soon, they were playing with greats like Nils Landgren, Lars Danielsson, or Wolfgang Haffner while simultaneously finding their own distinctive melodic and atmospheric "Wasserfuhr Sound": "I admire the courage to be simple that the two possess. That takes bravery. What's admirable is the opposite of show-off jazz," as actor Matthias Brandt succinctly puts it.
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