Onwards and Upwards

VÖ: 24.05.2019

Genre: Piano Jazz



ACT 9885-2, 614427988522
Gadi Stern / piano, rhodes & micro korg
David Michaeli / double bass
Matan Assayag / drums

Recorded by Michael Dahlvid at Nilento Studio, Gothenburg (Sweden), October 31 to November 2, 2018
Mixed and mastered by Lars Nilsson

Choir on Onwards And Upwards recorded by Kobi Farhi at Mitzlol Studios, Tel Aviv (Israel), November 19, 2018

Music composed, arranged and produced by SHALOSH, except otherwise noted

Cover art by Shoshu, by kind permission of the artist
SHALOSH defy any definition of style. They are children of the 90s and have assimilated the pop and rock music of that time. The volume of Rock and the danceability of electronic music meet the sensitivity and creative will of studied jazz musicians. Not to mention influences from classical music and the Middle East. "Onwards and Upwards" is great postmodern fun, played with a twenty-something Sturm und Drang mentality.
Piano, bass, drums. Three instruments, three young musicians.A modern jazz band that has a passion for Nirvana, Brahms, and The Bad Plus. They blend different styles with furious passion: the volume of rock and the danceability of electronic music meet the sensitivity of trained jazz musicians. The name of the band is "SHALOSH," which is Hebrew for "Three." "The three musicians almost explode with joy in playing. Their extroverted interpretation of the compositional material is overwhelming. Their melodic shifts, their variations in time (multiple times within one piece), their improvisational sparks push the boundaries of jazz immensely.Rock references, Eastern and African ideas, even electronic extensions merge with classical virtuosity and energetic jazz." – JAZZ FIRST | JÖRG KONRAD
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