Cæcilie Norby
Just the two of us

VÖ: 28.08.2015

Genre: Swedish Jazz

No longer available

ACT 9732-2, 614427973221
Caecilie Norby / vocals, percussion, Sansula, Udu
Lars Danielsson / bass, cello, guitar, Marimba, percussion

The magic of intimacy: The dream couple of jazz in an intimate duet: "A virtuoso acoustic album" (Spiegel Online) and a "small, sparkling, musical gem" (Deutschlandradio).

Cæcilie Norby
The daughter of classical musicians - her mother was an opera singer, her father a composer - Caecilie Norby has moved musically between worlds from the very beginning - jazz, blues, soul, pop, rock or classical music - Norby masters it all, and always in an absolutely recognisable way.She was the first Danish artist to be signed to the legendary Blue Note label, and has worked with many international stars of various disciplines. The most important among them is bassist Lars Danielsson, who became not only her husband but also the producer and partner of almost all her projects.With almost half a million albums sold, Caecilie Norby is one of the most successful jazz artists in Europe and one of the most important figures in bridging the gap between pop and jazz.