Johanna Summer

Joachim Kühn, the renowned German jazz pianist, describes Johanna Summer's music as "full of imagination and without category." He praises her classical European background, her wonderful touch, and her unique ability to create beautiful music from A to Z. He considers her a new star in the world of piano.

Malakoff Kowalski, a piano poet, is equally enthusiastic about Johanna Summer. He describes her as "scandalously good" and expresses his amazement at her fearless approach to music.

Johanna Summer's debut album, "Schumann Kaleidoskop," received rapid and enthusiastic acclaim. The Berlin-based artist, who has already received multiple awards, takes pieces from Robert Schumann's "Kinderszenen" and "Album für die Jugend" and uses them as a starting point for completely free improvisations, resulting in entirely new music with each performance.

Choosing to tackle solo piano, often considered the ultimate challenge, for her debut album demonstrates Johanna Summer's willingness to take the road less traveled. Whether interpreting classical pieces, performing original compositions, or playing jazz standards, she consistently creates wide-ranging, improvisational narratives. Her music can be delicate and fragile, rich with tension, rhythmically dynamic, or irresistibly melodic. What sets her apart is her ability to engage in musical storytelling, with a mature, far-reaching sense of drama, dynamics, tension, and atmosphere.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung considers her work "a small sensation," the classical music magazine Fono Forum finds it "fascinatingly refined," and Jazz thing describes her as "a pianist with a unique character, virtuosic, subtle, and delicate."

Johanna Summer effortlessly combines jazz, classical, and free improvisation, creating her distinctive music in the moment. Listening to her is truly an experience worth savoring.