Dieter Ilg

VÖ: 28.01.2022

Genre: Jazz


ACT 9937-2, 614427993724
Dieter Ilg / double bass

Recorded and mixed by Manfred Seiler at SWR-Studio Baden-Baden, October 24 & 25, 2020
Mastered by Klaus Scheuermann

Produced by Dieter Ilg in cooperation with SWR
Redaktion: Günther Huesmann

Licenced by SWR Media Services GmbH

Cover art (detail) by Martin Assig, Seelen #56, 2020, used with the kind permission of the artist

Dieter Ilg's solo album "Dedication" is a homage to people, musicians, and themes that have been formative for him. It serves as an auditory manifesto for the freedom of jazz and a declaration of passion for his low-toned companion.

Dieter Ilg
Jazz and classical music - Dieter Ilg (born 1961) knows both worlds.Although he made the decision to become a jazz bassist at the age of 16, he studied classical double bass; also because of the comprehensive history of music. Since then, he has combined these two musical worlds in various projects. Through his technical virtuosity, Ilg lends the double bass a lyrical quality and expressiveness that have established his international reputation. Whether as a sideman or as the leader of his own ensembles, Dieter Ilg understands like few others how to unite the art of accompanying with the art of soloing.
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