Three Fall
On A Walkabout Celebrating Red Hot Chili Peppers

VÖ: 29.04.2011

Genre: Young German Jazz

No longer available

ACT 9665-2, 614427966520
Lutz Streun / tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Til Schneider / trombone
Sebastian Winne / drums & percussion
Rap vocals on “Matter” by Promoe

Recorded at FWL studios Leipzig by Klaus Scheuermann, December 8 - 10, 2010
Mixed and mastered by Klaus Scheuermann, January 2011

Executive Producer: Marco Ostrowski
Without bass, without chord instrument, instead with saxophone/bass clarinet, trombone and drums, Three Fall let themselves fall into a unique sound world of jazz, hip-hop, world music, reggae, funk, rock).
Three Fall
Just a trio, smaller than you'd expect. Saxophone/clarinet, trombone, and drums. Anything missing? Less is more. From challenge comes innovation. Three individuals in collective harmony. A magical triangle between structure and improvisation. Quite cunning and well-versed. Always up for a surprise. Of course, fun must be part of it. Is it still jazz? Hip-hop, rock, world music, reggae, funk, and pop. It's what pleases and holds the Three Fall world together at its core. Jazz sounds different. Newly socialized. With fresh energy, for people who don't believe in boundaries. Playing jazz as the ultimate freedom to express what one feels, thinks, and knows. No fear of tradition and convention. Respect.  No one plays like Three Fall. Not to be different, but because that's who they are.