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In 2018, the previously unknown trio NES, led by Franco-Algerian singer, cellist, and songwriter Nesrine, took the European music world by storm, transcending genre boundaries.

Their second album, simply titled "Nesrine," is nothing short of a reinvention of the namesake. Nesrine's debut album, "Ahlam," garnered enthusiastic reactions with its sheer beauty, unique lineup of voice, cello, and percussion, and a musical fusion spanning the Mediterranean region from North Africa to Southern Europe.

Fellow cellist Sol Gabetta called Nesrine "a wonderful singer and cellist," The London Times described her as "a radiant, multilingual talent," and French producer and radio host André Manoukian raved that "NES allows us to hear the beauty of the world." Germany's Deutschlandfunk succinctly stated, "The time for NES has come."

Subsequently, NES embarked on extensive tours throughout Europe, captivating audiences in classical venues like the Berlin Philharmonie, Konzerthaus Berlin, and the Amsterdam Cello Biennale, as well as at major jazz and world music festivals.

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