Matthieu Saglio

For nearly 20 years, Matthieu Saglio has been living in the Spanish city of Valencia.

The third-largest city in Spain has been a crossroads for millennia, with Greek, Roman, Visigothic, and Arab influences shaping the region. Today, it's a meeting point for cultures from around the world.

Valencia is the ideal place for someone like Saglio, who, in his cello playing and compositional ideas, incorporates and embraces multiple cultures. After moving away from a purely classical career, he integrated Flamenco and jazz, early music, Baroque, and West African elements into his various projects, forging exciting new connections. Alongside singer Nesrine Belmokh and percussionist David Gadea, Saglio co-created the internationally acclaimed trio NES, blending Arabic flair and jazz improvisation in their album "Ahlam" released by ACT in 2018.