Youn Sun Nah

VÖ: 22.03.2013

Genre: Vocal Jazz

No longer available

ACT 9030-2, 614427903020
Youn Sun Nah / vocals
Ulf Wakenius / guitars
Lars Danielsson / bass & cello
Vincent Peirani / accordion & accordina
Xavier Desandre-Navarre / percussion

Produced by Youn Sun Nah & Axel Matignon
Executive Producer : JJ In

Recorded at Nilento Studio, Gothenburg, Sweden, October 31 - November 2
Mixed December 4 - 7 and mastered December 19, 2012
by Lars Nilsson, assisted by Michael Dahlvid.

Singers who are able to shake up an entire genre are rare. Korean Youn Sun Nah is such a phenomenon, as "Lento" proves. "A miracle", "great art", "enchanting" or "world-class singing" is what the local press has said about the singer in recent years.

Youn Sun Nah
Singers who have the ability to shake up an entire genre are rare. Youn Sun Nah is one such phenomenon. The international press describes her as "a wonder," "great art," "enchanting," or "world-class singing." This Korean artist, who has established herself as a jazz star in her adopted home of France, is a force to be reckoned with. With her individually articulated universality, Youn Sun Nah adds a new dimension to traditional jazz singing. Original and idiosyncratic, while appearing effortlessly so, she opens up highly enticing spaces for the listener.
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From €17.50*
From €17.50*