Jukka Perko
Invisible Man

VÖ: 27.05.2016

Genre: Jazz

No longer available

ACT 9819-2, 614427981929
Jukka Perko / alto and soprano sax
Jarmo Saari / electric guitar
Teemu Viinikainen / acoustic guitar

Recorded by Klaus Scheuermann
at Hansa Studios, Berlin, November 19 & 20, 2015
Mixed and mastered by Klaus Scheuermann
Produced by Siggi Loch

Cover art by Antony Gormley, DOMAIN LV, 2005, with the kind permission of the artist

Exceptional: Right from the start, the lineup grabs your attention: saxophone, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar. Elegiac soundscapes are unfolded, with a Finnish melancholic but always hopeful mood. The music draws its strength from tranquility. Its significance isn't measured by how loudly it's shouted. "Invisible Man" is an atmospheric road movie in which strong melodies dictate the plot. Entertaining, gripping, profound, and contemplative, Avara evokes deep emotions.

Jukka Perko
Jukka Perko is considered one of the stars of the Finnish jazz scene. Perko's personal style reflects European classical music, Afro-American jazz, and Finnish folk music. Born in 1968 in the town of Huittinen in Southwest Finland, Perko received comprehensive training covering all genres of music. In 1986, at the age of 18, Perko won the prestigious Key Prize for Best Young Jazz Musician at the Pori Jazz Festival. He later toured Europe and the USA as a member of the "Dizzy Gillespie 70th Anniversary Big Band." He has played with stars such as McCoy Tyner, Red Rodney, and Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, working as a sideman, and he was a member of the UMO Jazz Orchestra, one of Finland's finest and most well-known large ensembles.