Inner Orbit

VÖ: 28.08.2009

Genre: Young German Jazz

No longer available

ACT 9666-2, 614427966629
Max von Mosch - tenor and soprano saxophone
Benedikt Jahnel - piano
Benny Schäfer - bass
Andi Haberl - drums

Recorded by Florian Oestreicher at Realistic Sound, Munich, Sept. 24, 2008 & March 24, 2009
Mixing & mastering by Klaus Scheuermann at 4ohm music, Munich

Produced by max.bab
Executive Producer: Siegfried Loch

"In a long armada of recordings dedicated to the mystery of manned space travel for decades, 'Inner Orbit' undoubtedly ranks very high. Down-to-earth, instantly identifiable sound, and boundless imagination. Bullseye." - Jazzthing.

This group from the south of Munich, consisting of Max von Mosch (saxophone), Benedikt Jahnel (piano), Benjamin Schäfer (bass), and Andreas Haberl (drums), is a little wonder: Since its formation, the former school band has evolved into one of the most outstanding young German jazz bands. It's been a remarkable success story: Hundreds of concerts, including performances with Charlie Mariano, Wolfgang Muthspiel, and David Friedman, appearances at festivals like JazzBaltica and the Montreal Jazz Festival, and several CDs under their own name.