Jacob Karlzon

VÖ: 29.08.2014

Genre: Piano Jazz



ACTLP 9573-1, 614427957313
Jacob Karlzon / piano, keys, synths & programming
Hans Andersson / bass
Robert Mehmet Ikiz / drums

Music composed by Jacob Karlzon, except 03 by U2

Produced by Jacob Karlzon & Lars Nilsson

Recording, sound design, mixed and mastered by Lars Nilsson at Nilento Studio,Gothenburg, March 2014.
Nilento Studio production team: Michael Dahlvid, Jenny Nilsson and Joakim Nilsson. Additional recordings at ChassRoom, Malmö

Cover art: Embroidered Explosion © by Jiri Geller, 2001

"Radiant." If one word describes both the music and the personality of Jacob Karlzon, it's this one. He doesn't concern himself much with questions about which genre to assign his music to. He prefers to call it "improvised instrumental music" and joyfully and tastefully draws from the best of two worlds—the openness, experimentation, and energy of jazz and the power and catchiness of pop.

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Jacob Karlzon
When asked about his consistently surprising sonic landscapes, Jacob Karlzon laughs. Not ironically, but with great joy. And as loudly and warmly as a man of his stature can laugh. "As a child and teenager, I used to listen to a lot of metal and electro music. Even though the music itself isn't typically for pianists, the energy it conveys, that's something! Listening to music that you don't play yourself opens up entirely new horizons." Jacob Karlzon's horizon is broad indeed. The pianist, awarded Jazz Musician of the Year in his native Sweden in 2010, loves working with extremes. Jacob Karlzon stops at nothing to create grand musical landscapes through the power of his tones and sounds. He does this with his own unique methods: both brilliant technique in playing and brilliant play with the technique. In addition to his instrumental abilities, it's also a vivid imagination for modern sounds that shapes his music. Jacob Karlzon creates music for the inner film; a grand mental cinema that encompasses all genres and emotional states – even in his concerts: "Playing live is the primal state of music for me, I love it." With his JK3, he showcases unbridled joy of playing without any filters. It doesn't get any better than that.