Black String

VÖ: 27.09.2019

Genre: World Music



ACTLP 9045-1, 614427904515
Yoon Jeong Heo / geomungo
Jean Oh / guitar, electronics, beat mixing (on 2)
Aram Lee / daegeum, yanggeum, tungso, danso & taepyeongso
Min Wang Hwang / voice, janggu, percussion & taepyeongso

Special Guest:
Nguyên Lê / guitar (on 3 & 4)

Recorded at Brickwall Sound, Seoul, Korea, on January 25 & April 26, 2019

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Hyomin Kang

Produced by Yoon Jeong Heo
Executive Producer: Myung Kuk “Victor” Kye

Cover art by Peter Krauskopf (2019), by kind permission of the artist

Karma is the term for the Asian spiritual concept according to which every action inevitably has a physical and spiritual consequence. A perfect title for this album: with its simultaneously complex and radically catchy pieces that interweave epochs and styles, Black String leaves no listener cold and triggers both mental and physical reactions: A captivating listening trip in every respect.

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Black String
Black String expand the pigeonhole concept of world music by many dimensions.The South Korean ensemble juggles with different stylistic building blocks from traditional Asian music, jazz, blues and rock elements as well as electronics. A powerful mixture in which improvisation and traditional forms flow into each other. The sound of unusual instruments is fascinating. Traditional flutes, percussion and string instruments draw intense soundscapes. Modern, global music without borders, but with strong roots: an always exciting listening trip!