"Komeda“ receives German Record Critics' Award

The album “Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic – Komeda“ has received the prestigious “German Record Critics’ Award”.

The jury stated: "Released under the simple title "Komeda", the album documents a deeply emotional and large-scale homage to Krzysztof Komeda, the pioneer of a new European jazz. Pianist Joachim Kühn, a friend in his younger years and since then an admirer of the visionary who died tragically young, looks back on Komeda's compositions and at the same time takes them as an opportunity to explore new musical territory with them - in fascinating solo improvisations, with his New Trio and in a successful symbiosis with the virtuoso and soulful "Atom String Quartet".

The committee of around 160 jurors attaches great importance to reaching independent judgements, uninfluenced by the interests of the producers of sound recordings and/or audio books.

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