SHALOSH: International media reactions & up-coming concerts

The Tel Aviv based piano trio SHALOSH has achieved, what many strive for but few accomplish: Reach a broad, cross-genre audience by playing modern jazz with an indie-rock spirit. A success story of global jazz.
Pianist Gadi Stern says about the trio „Shalosh is not a band, it’s an idea“. The ACT debut album „onwards and upwards“, release on May 24th, draws it’s influences from rock, 90’s pop, jazz, classical and Near-Eastern music. Already shortly after the release, a wide array of international media have covered the album: from The TIMES and The GUARDIAN over DOWNBEAT and Jazz thing, to DPA Deutsche Presseagentur, Der Tagesspiegel, Deutschlandfunk and many more.
The extensive album release tour brought Shalosh through the whole of Europe, including renowned festivals such as ELBJAZZ and will continue throughout 2019, further reinforcing the reputation of Shalosh as a genre-crossing phenomenon: On June 22nd, the trio will perform its‘ Tel Aviv album release concert at „Barby“, the biggest rock venue oft he city, followed by an appearance at the Fusion Festival near Berlin on June 26th – the most important indie & alternative festival in central Europe. Moreover, many prestigious jazz festivals such as palatia jazz and the Schloss Elmau European Jazz Festival are on the itinerary.
Press reactions about "onwards and upwards" (excerpt):
„Israeli piano trio Shalosh’s virtuosic Onwards and Upwards vivaciously taps the Bad Plus, Ahmad Jamal, the hooks and rock crescendos of Esbjörn Svensson Trio and more.“
- The Guardian (GB)
„Shalosh are full of promise. * * * *“
- The TIMES (GB)
„Shalosh’s repertoire draws on rock, classical and world music. This eclecticism plays out intriguingly in their work. Pianist Gadi Stern, bassist David Michaeli and drummer Matan Assayag give as much attention to form and building tension as their rock and classical brethren but don’t sacrifice improivisatory ethos.“
- Downbeat (US)
„An Israeli power-trio. Heavy jazz!“
- Rolling Stone (DE)
„This band rocks!"
- Der Tagesspiegel (DE)
„Jazz at the fast lane, somewhere between jazz, rock and indie, „Shalosh“ wows mostly young jazz fans from all over Europe.“
- Deutschlandfunk Kultur (DE)
„Shalosh’s jazz is not the slightest bit elitist“.
- Kulturnews (DE)
„Shalosh tears down barriers between genres.“
- dpa Deutsche Presse Agentur
„Shalosh show, how easily jazz musicians can integrate rock and electronic music into their sound cosmos.“
- Jazz thing (DE)
„Shalosh are jazz band and rock band in one.“
- WDR 3
„Shalosh bring a sense of drama, heat and engagement to their tunes and the trio manage to carve out a space that has appeal to jazz audiences but can also exist simply as modern sounding rock or whatever inspired instrumental music. / Album of the week.“
- Marlbank (GB)
- Paris Move (FR)
„A wonderful album that evokes life after the war, in a burst of hope for a better future with the human being in the center. It is a reflection of Tel Aviv, the hometown of three young musicians, a cosmopolitan city rich in all the cultural contributions of the nationalities that populate it. / Album of the week.“
- Fip (FR)
„A record-breaking trio with tremendous drive that tears down musical boundaries.“
- Lira (SE)

Up-coming concerts:
22.06.19 IL Tel Aviv, Barby
26.06.19 DE Lärz, Fusion Festival, Müritz Air-Park
28.06.19 RU Yekaterinburg, Ural Music Night
29.06.19 DE Edenkoben, palatia jazz Festival
30.06.19 PL Lublin, Different Sounds Festival
19.07.19 DE Würzburg, Hafensommer
27.09.19 DE Berlin, Silent Green
28.09.19 DE Schweinfurt, Nachsommer
17.10.19 DE Tübingen, Jazz- und Klassiktage
19.10.19 DE Illingen, Illinger Jazz Lounge
14.11.19 DE Elmau, Schloss Elmau, European Jazztival


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