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Media reactions about Vincent Peirani / NES / KUU!

Vincent Peirani "Living Being II - Night Walker"
release 2018-08-31, also on Vinyl
The French jazz musician of the hour and innovator of the accordion with a new jazz-rock adventure.
„The new breath of jazz“
- Arte
"Night Walker has the potential to become a classic. ffff "
- Télérama
„Top 10 jazz artist to listen to in a lifetime.“
- Jazz Magazine
"A unique crossover-sound between rock, jazz and classical. Breathtaking!"
"One of the most creative jazz musicians of the European scene."
- Jazzpodium
"Vincent Peirani once more surprisies all."
- Jazz thing
* * * *
- Rolling Stone
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NES "Ahlam"
release 2018-08-31
Three musicians, three languages, three instruments - one musical identity!
„Nesrine Belmokh is an incandescent, multilingual talent and „Ahlam“ one of the albums of the year.“ 
- The London Times
„New, wonderful music and a voice, that gets straight to your heart. A potential hit!“ 
- Arte Metropolis
„An inventive trio switching effortlessly from Arab-Andalusian styles to blues and chanson. / World-music album of the month.“ 
- The Guardian
"A name to watch."
- The Evening Standard
"The time for NES has come."
- Deutschlandfunk
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KUU! "Lampedusa Lullaby"
release 2018-08-31, also on Vinyl
Blistering indie-jazz with post-punk attitude. At times madly funky, at times painful, but also subtle and touching.
„Lampedusa Lullaby makes clear, how intense, meaningful and political contemporary music at the boarder between genres can be."
- Jazz thing
"Something entirely new and extremely powerful.“
- Süddeutsche Zeitung
"Previously un-heard power-music."
- Jazzthetik
"Certainly one of the most unique, expressive, ambitious, versatile rock/pop-albums of recent years."
- drums & percussion
"Total fascination."
- rbb radio eins
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