The ACT Family of Artists mourns the death on Régis Gizavo

“Keep on grooving in the skies, bro!”
– Nguyên Lê
(ACT) Munich, July 18th, 2017 He was one of the most intense, recognisable voices of his instrument: At the evening of July 16th, Malagasy accordionist and singer Règis Gizavo passed away at the age of 58 after a concert in Corsica.
Régis Gizavo learned his trade autodidactically in the streets and in the bars of Madagascar. His influences went from local folk music to Portuguese and South African styles and music of the neighbouring Mozambique.
Even though he stayed somewhat of a insider tip throughout his career, he gained recognition from well informed circles all over the world for his numerous recordings and concerts as a leader. Through a recommendation from guitarist Nguyên Lê, Siggi Loch invited Gizavo to the “Accordion Night” on February 13th, 2015 in the concert series “Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic” which also resulted in a recording under the same title. At this event, Gizavo thrilled the audience together with renowned “colleagues” such as Vincent Peirani, Stian Carstensen and Klaus Paier together with Emile Parisien, Adam Baldych, Asja Valcic and his friend Nguyên Lê. The concept was a huge success among the participating musicians and the audience and was thus repeated at several big European festivals – and for the last time at the Hamburg “Elbphilharmonie”.

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