29.11.2017ArtistScott DuBois

Scott DuBois “Autumn Wind” among the most critically acclaimed albums 2017

"Scott DuBois has managed to do the impossible in bringing sound to season to sound."
Allaboutjazz (INT)
“An endlessly inventive guitarist with a penchant for arranging delicate passages that could pass for Baroque if they weren’t so damn futuristic and cool. This is fusion of the highest order.”
The Aquarian Weekly (US)
"...highly impressionistic...brimming with even more original ideas...a complete mastery of the electric guitar’s tonal palette...full of timbral richness...DuBois’s desire to blur the lines between creative jazz, chamber music and folk forms is a quest others before him have taken on, but the challenge of putting it all together both coherently and provocatively is where many have fallen short. Not so with Autumn Wind, it excels at that."
Something Else! (US)
„A true experience. Excitingly vivid and never academic.“
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (DE)
„A delicately-complex masterpiece. / Album of the month.“
Stereo (DE)
“A fascinating masterpiece.”
Kulturzeitschrift (AT)
„Formidable onomatopoeia“
Stereoplay (DE)
„Highly atmospherical and expressive expression of sound.“
BR Klassik (DE)
„ Scott DuBois‘ most beautiful album so far.“
Jazzpodium (DE)
„An entirely coherent, suite-shaped concept album.“
Jazz thing (DE)
„Multi-faceted, lively and highly dynamic music, modern and fascinating.”
Journal Frankfurt (DE)
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Jazz Magazine (FR)
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Jazzwise (GB)
"Autumn Wind is the poetic journey whose tools are a brush and a multicolored palette that expresses passion and reflection...passion and dramatic strength, marrying the brain and the heart in a single spirit."
Tomajazz (ES)
"A truly fascinating album...an intense flame of an exceptional guitarist, full of creative possibilities...a record so marvelous..."
A Certeza de Música (PT)
"Most exciting and suggestive."
Kulturdelen (SE)
“Stunningly beautiful. One of the strongest jazz albums of 2017!"
JazzPort (CZ)

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