New ACT artist: BartolomeyBittmann

The Viennese duo BartolomeyBittmann joins the ACT family of artists. The ACT debut album "Dynamo" will be released on March 29, 2019.
"It is very rare to hear string players relishing the groove quite so joyously. BartolomeyBittmann embody the musical virtues of unbridled playfulness and rhythmic radicalism, and they deploy them with an ease that is not normally associated with classical instruments." (Wolfgang Muthspiel)
An album that throws wide the gates to a listening experience as wonderfully atmospheric as it is deep: with their third album, "Dynamo", BartolomeyBittmann have conceived a daring new musical work that - once again - entices the listener to join them in a fascinating world of sound.
One thing must be said about this duo: narrowmindedness and undue attachment to tradition have no place whatsoever in its musical ethos. Matthias Bartolomey (cello) and Klemens Bittmann (violin & mandola) have their own ideas and are blazing their own musical trail, a path leading well away from the familiar and the commonplace. It’s been several years since they joined forces to compose and develop a contemporary repertoire for their characteristically classical instruments. Now, with "Dynamo", the duo has arrived at the heart of their very own individual sound.
The two Austrians have worked together as a duo since 2012. Violinist Klemens Bittmann has always chosen a path close to crossover. After classical studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, he studied jazz violin with Didier Lockwood in Paris. His work in collaboration with the accordionist Klaus Paier, with the guitarists Alegre Correa and Wolfgang Muthspiel, the trio folksmilch, and as a duo with the woodwind player Georg Gratzer, have been the determinants of Bittmann's artistic career. He also has a teaching post at the University in Graz. As an arranger he was responsible for the groundbreaking "Celebrating The Mahavishnu Orchestra" recording by radio.string.quartet.vienna and released by ACT. Cellist Matthias Bartolomey’s career to date has been more firmly anchored in Western classical music. As a graduate of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and of the illustrious Mozarteum in Salzburg, he has worked with the Vienna State Opera Orchestra/Vienna Philharmonic, the Chamber Orchestra of Europe and the Mahler Chamber Orchestra. Since 2010 he has been principal cellist of Concentus Musicus Wien, founded by Nikolaus Harnoncourt. BartolomeyBittmann is a project close to the hearts of both players.



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