17.10.2017ArtistEmile Parisien

Emile Parisien “Sfumato” is album of the year in France


On October 16th, the Victoires du Jazz Awards, the jazz-branch of the most important French music awards, were presented in Paris. The award for “album of the year” went to the ACT production “Sfumato” by saxophonist Emile Parisien.
After his ACT debut “Spezial Snack”, “Sfumato” marks the international breakthrough for Emile Parisien who, with only 35 years of age is regarded THE European soprano saxophonist of today. It is the third “Victoires du Jazz” for Parisien, after already winning in the “artist of the year” (2014) and “rising star” (2009) category. In Germany, Parisien received the most prestigious ECHO Jazz Award 2017 as saxophonist of the year. And the British “Guardian” gave “Sfumato” the very rare, highest 5-star rating (read the article here).
Besides Parisien’s energetic and colourfull playing and his multi-facetted compositions, the special magic of the album lies in the collaboration of “young lions” like Parisien and his fellow musicians Manu Codjia (git), Simon Tailleu (b), Mario Costa (dr) and Vincent Peirani (acc) with the icons of European Jazz, Joachim Kühn (p) und Michel Portal (bc).
Other than in previous years, the Victorires Du Jazz Awards will not presented to the public in a live TV show but rather in a 75 min TV film about the six winners. The film will air on November 18th on France3 at 0.35 h and can be viewed internationally at the same time on http://culturebox.francetvinfo.fr/ .
Selected press quotes about „Sfumato“:
"An exhilarating genre-hop bubbling with captivating remakes of US and European jazz traditions. […] An exuberant album ***** "
- The Guardian
“A terrific recording.”
- London Jazz News
"Parisien's inventiveness and energy are simply stunning." 
- Télérama
“A superstar of French jazz”
- Deutschlandfunk
“Parisien brilliantly brings together the past, the present and the future of European jazz.”
- Jazz Journal
“Creating waves beyond the borders of France.”
- Jazzwise


Kommende Konzerte:
18.10. Bern, BeeFlat, Parisien/Peirani/Schaerer/Wollny
19.10. Zürich, Moods, Parisien/Peirani/Schaerer/Wollny 
21.10. Paris, Café de la Danse, Parisien/Peirani/Schaerer/Wollny
28.10. Belgrad, Jazz Festival, “Sfumato” Quintet
09.11. Nürnberg, Nuejazz, Emile Parisien & Vincent Peirani 
11.11. London, London Jazz Festival, Parisien/Peirani/Schaerer/Wollny
20.11. Toulouse, Festival, “Sfumato” Quintet feat. Vincent Peirani 
23.11. Auvers-sur-Oise, Festival, “Sfumato” Quintet feat. Vincent Peirani 
15.12. Copenhagen, Jazzhus Montmartre, Emile Parisien & Vincent Peirani 
11.01. Luxembourg, Philharmonie, Emile Parisien & Joachim Kühn Duo


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