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 IIRO RANTALA STRING TRIO „Anyone With A Heart“ (ACT 9566-2)
„Music straight from the heart.“ / ****
-    Audio (DE)
„Pure emotion on the highest musical level.“ / *****
-    Concerto (AT)
„A trio unlike any other.“ / *****
-    Fono Forum (DE)
„Simply beautiful and stylistically confident.”
-    HR 2 Kultur (DE)
„Rantala is a key personality of his instrument, way beyond the boarders of any genre.“
-    Jazzzeitung (DE)
„This music leaves no one untouched and goes straight to the heart.” / *****
-    Jazz’n‘More (CH)
„A trio extraordinaire.“
-    Jazzpodium (DE)
„Magical music – dreamy, soulful, elegiac and at the same time gripping and driving.”
-    Jazzthetik (DE)
„Music that has the potential of arousing emotions in many people.”
-    Jazz thing (DE)
„At least since Iiro Rantala, also Luciano Pavarotti would have fell for jazz forever.”
-    MDR Figaro (DE)
„Rantala’s „coming out“ as a melancholic and romanticist.” Album of the week
-    NDR info „Play Jazz“ (DE)
„A fascinating mixture of feel good music and crossing of boarders.”
-    Rheinische Post (DE)
„Jazzalbum of the month“
-    Stereoplay (DE)

„Listen and be amazed!“
-    Jazzpodium (DE)
„Neset’s inventive power and compository verve are impressive.”
-    Jazzthetik (DE)
„Recommended to anyone who is interested in the possibilities of a modern big band.“
-    Kulturnews (DE)
„One of the biggest revelations of today’s jazz.“
-    Der Kurier (AT)
„The next big thing in jazz: With his skills on the saxophone and as a composer Marius Neset astonishes the community.”
-    Sonic (DE)
„Marius Neset counts among the very few really new voices on the soprano and tenor saxophone. A throughout virtuoso and skillful performance.” / Jazz album of the month
-    Stereo (DE)
„Boundless engery and huge range of musical colours.“ / Jazz album of the month
-    Stereoplay (DE)
„The coming man of Scandinavian jazz.“
-    The Observer (GB)
“The most exciting saxophone prospect to have emerged in Norway since Jan Garbarek”
-    Marlbank (GB)
„Intense, dramatic and finely wrought.”
-    The arts desk (GB)
„A musician with the world at his feet.”
-    AP Reviews (GB)
“Neset has spread his wings way beyond the realm of jazz music. Highly recommended” / ****
-    Irish Examiner (IE)
“A new breed of big tenor players in a lineage that connects up the likes of Michael Brecker and Jan Garbarek.” / ****
-    Jazzwise (GB)
"Simply an exeptional album" / 6 of 6
-    Dagbladet (NO)


ULF WAKENIUS SOLO „Momento Magico“ (ACT 9565-2)

„An impressively adaptable player.“
- (CA)
A solo guitar album by a master, Ulf Wakenius can hold his head up high with any of the leading contemporary jazz guitar players you care to mention.
-    Marlbank (GB)
„13 pieces that tenderly celebrate the esthetic of melody.”
-    Audio (DE)
„Ulf Wakenius demonstrates in a relaxed way, what jazz-guitar means to him: singing on strings. An album that not only jazz fans ought to enjoy.”
-    Eclipsed (DE)
„Ulf Wakenius‘ glass clear tone fascinates even in the softest passages.” / ****
-    Fono Forum (DE)
„The Swede creates lots of magical moments.“
-    Kulturnews (DE)
„The album pleases with balanced changes of mood and pace and technically matured and passionate playing.”
-    Mannheimer Morgen (DE)
„A parforce-ride through the musical styles of the 20th century. It is amazing how many different magical moments fit on one cd.”
-    Qvest (DE)
„Audiophile highlight of the month.“
-    Stereo (DE)


Duo Art: VINCENT PEIRANI & EMILE PARISIEN „Belle Époque” (ACT 9625-2)
„Two innovators who also pay tribute to the tradition of the instrument and their great predecessors.”
-    Bayern 2 „Kulturjournal“ (DE)
„It is great how Peirani and Parisien find their mutual musical sound, how they blend together and at the same time manage to keep their own voice. And even though playful the music always maintains its transparency.”
-    Deutschlandradio Kultur (DE)
„Virtuoso musicality.“
-    Stereo (DE)
„Vincent Peirani is a talent of the century.“
-    Fono Forum (DE)
„An outstanding part of the new ACT series „Duo Art“. Peirani and Parisen savour the big space offered to them – and fill it with breathtaking virtuosity.” / Album of the week
-    NDR info „Play Jazz“ (DE)
„Even when the playfulness of the duo rises to staggering heights, both musicians unerringly find their way back to the ground.”
-    Qvest (DE)
-    Stereoplay (DE)
“Two of the leading figures of the current French jazz scene united.”
-    Jazz’n’More (CH)


PIERRICK PÉDRON „Kubik’s Cure” (ACT 9554-2)
„You don’t necessarily need a connection to the music of The Cure to value and appreciate Pierrick Pédrons creativity and his interpretation of the original music.”
-    Jazzpodium (DE)
„Robert Smith will listen gratefully when “Boy’s don’t cry” is being deconstructed to a crazy bebop tune.”
-    Kulturnews (DE)
„As intriguing as viable.“
-    Leipziger Volkszeitung (DE)
„With a lot of ability for abstraction Pierrick Pédron succeeds in turning the music of The Cure into jazz.”
-    Stereo (DE)
„Pierrick Pédron demonstrated with ease how to fuel up the jazz tradition through rock fusion with new energy.”
-    Musikwoche (DE)

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