24.08.2013ArtistHeinz SauerMichael Wollny

Binding-Kulturpreis 2013 for Heinz Sauer and Michael Wollny

Binding-Kulturpreis for Heinz Sauer and Michael Wollny

On August 24th pianist Michael Wollny and saxophonist Heinz Sauer have received the reknown "Binding Kulturpreis". The award is one of the most important cultural awards of Germany and endowed with a prize money of 50.000 €. The award ceremony took place at the famous Frankfurt "Römer".

The award is another highlight in the success of the recent Heinz Sauer & Michael Wollny album "Don't explain - live in concert".

The partnership between Heinz Sauer and Michael Wollny is a hightlight of the past jazz decade.
-    The Independent On Sunday (GB)

One of the great cross-generational jazz partnerships.
-    The Guardian (GB)

Perhaps the greatest summer/winter musical duo of our time.
-    Metro (GB)

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