Tambour Music Management: Extended artist roster and new website

Berlin, 2018-09-28 (tambour) One year after it's foundation, tambour music management, a newly formed division of The ACT Company, has expanded in all key fields – artist management, live-booking and the curation of special concert formats. Moreover, the tambour team is growing and the company has just launched it's new website www.tambourmanagement.com.
Besides the company’s first exclusive management artist, pianist Michael Wollny, tambour now also represents the Swiss genre-crossing vocalist Lucia Cadotsch, French soprano-saxophone-star Emile Parisien and the New York-based, internationally acclaimed clarinettist Kinan Azmeh in all aspects of their strategic career development. In the field of booking, tambour now represents the exceptional artists Eivind Aarset, Pablo Held, ADHD, Becca Stevens, KUU!, NES and Lucia Cadotsch. And in addition to the already established special live projects „The three pianists – Rantala / Mozdzer / Wollny“ and „Tears for Esbjörn Svensson“, in 2019 tambour brings a new format on the road: „Tango Night“ with the Argentinian Tango-orchestra „El Afronte“, together with Emile Parisien (sax) and Vincent Peirani (acc). For all activities, the company has established connections to various international parnters.
Furthermore, the staff around tambour CEO Andreas Brandis is enriched by senior artist & concert Manager Jolanda Vujasinovic, who previously has worked for „Artribute Booking“ and with artists like Nils Petter Molvaer, Rebekka Bakken, Branford Marsalis or Sidsel Endresen.
Tambour music management was founded in 2017 as a division of the acclaimed label ACT in order to manage artist careers and to produce unique concert formats. Tambour is not exclusively working with ACT artists and is also artistically separated from the label, but of course takes advantage of the leverage, experience and international network ACT has developed over the last 25 years. The core philosophy and center of all activities of tambour is the music, the artistic vision and the desire, to push them to a higher level.
Tambour offers access to a very strong set-up of experience, contacts and knowledge in all fields of today’s music business - including artist management, strategic and artistic career development in both, concert & tour-booking, and the curation of special live formats and lineups. Tambour provides these services with a focus on artists from jazz and classical music but with a strong vision of opening and connecting these genres through cross-genre collaborations. Tambour will take on exclusive mandates but also offers non-exclusive consultancy for artists at any stage of their careers.
Tambour website: www.tambourmanagement.com 

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