Current press reactions

“Between them, the German pianist Michael Wollny and French accordionist Vincent Peirani create as rich a variety of musical sounds, textures and forms as you’re ever likely to hear from two acoustic instruments. * * * * ”
- The Guardian (GB)
“An intriguing album. * * * * ”
- The London Times (GB)
„A gorgeous liaison. Fresh, delicate and full of adorable musicality.”
- Der Tagesspiegel Berlin (DE)
“This duo is a new German-French piece of luck. An intense, highly poetic album.”
- Deutschlandradio (DE)
“CHOC / Album of the month”
- Jazz Magazine (DE)
ACT 9837-2 EMILE PARISIEN QUINTET „Sfumato“ feat. Joachim Kühn. Guests: Vincent Peirani & Michel Portal
"An exhilarating genre-hop bubbling with captivating remakes of US and European jazz traditions. […] An exuberant album ***** "
- The Guardian (GB)
“A terrific recording.”
- London Jazz News (GB)
„A firework of, amongst many other things, great entertainment value.”
- Weltwoche (CH)
„A first class benchmark for european jazz.”
- Tonart (DE)
“CHOC / Album of the month”
- Jazz Magazine (DE)


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