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Viktoria Tolstoy & Jacob Karlzon “A Moment Of Now”

„Viktoria Tolstoy is one of a handful singers who is blessed with a voice that is as singularly beautiful as it is emotionally engaging.”
-    Jazzwise (GB)

„Viktoria Tolstoy lifts these songs beyond the ordinary.”
-    Daily Telegraph (GB)

„Never before, Viktoria Tolstoy’s voice revealed a greater range of colours. Fabulous!”
-    Stern (DE)

„The way Viktoria Tolstoy and Jacob Karlzon who seem to understand each other blindly give these pieces a new shape impresses more and more with each listen.”
-    Qvest (DE)

„Perfectly matched!”
-    Fono Forum (DE)

„Sometimes you don’t need much: A unique voice, a strong pianist, good songs and beautiful melodies suffice to record a great album like “A Moment Of Now”.”
-    Jazz’n’More (CH)

Mozdzer / Danielsson / Fresco “Polska“

„In his home country Leszek Mozdzer is a star. One of his most successful groups, the trio with bassist Lars Danielsson and percussionist Zohar Fresco is not that well known outside of Poland. The new album “Polska” is going to change that.”
-    Jazz thing (DE)

„Leszek Mozdzer is an outstanding pianist.“
-    Stereo (DE)

“Mozdzer, a romanticist on the piano has mastered like no other to combine lightness with gravity.”
-    Hessisch-Niedersächsische Allgemeine (DE)

Geir Lysne “New Circle”

„An individual musical hybrid of European curiosity and internationally influenced creative patchwork.”
-    Jazz thing (DE)

„Music that reaches out and crosses boarders.”
-    Fono Forum (DE)

„Geir Lysne with powerful, clear sounds brings together what’s cooking in the metropolises of the world. Jazz album of the month”
-    Stereoplay (DE)

Jeanette Köhn & Swedish Radio Choir “New Eyes on Baroque” feat. Nils Landgren

„The gentle improvisations fold themselves seamlessly into short pieces by Bach, Händel and Purcell. More surprising is how well the timbres of soprano saxophone, trombone and guitar suit the original melodies.”
-    The Observer (GB)

„The beauty of music beyond all boundaries.“
-    Jazzpodium (DE)

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