Yaron Herman

Alter Ego - CD

  • Format: CD
  • Cat No.: ACT 9530-2
  • Barcode: 614427953025
  • German Release: 28/09/2012
  • Genre: Piano Jazz, French Jazz

"Ein Pianist, der einfach alles spielen kann - und alles immer anders." (Süddeutsche) Yaron Herman zieht sein Publikum tief in seinen musikalischen Kosmos. "Alter Ego" ist ein Kaleidoskop der Erinnerungen, ein überraschendes, intimes Album, eine Reise ins Innere zusammen mit einer neuen Band enger musikalischer Freunde.

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Alter Ego comes from the Latin term meaning one's other self; it's used to designate another person with the same qualities and characteristics, or someone capable of replacing the original. Not only is this "other" a person other than oneself; it is another "self": your alter ego is another "you".For Yaron Herman, Alter Ego is much more than the title of a record. His "other self" is a statement of comfort refused, a desire for the unexpected. A sort of renaissance within an artist who doesn't fear taking another path, an artist who fears neither plurality nor the complexity of being "several" artists in one… Nor is he afraid of remaining loyal to the path he's already taken. Born in Tel Aviv on July 12th 1981, Yaron seemed destined for a brilliant career as a Junior basketball player...

line up

Yaron Herman / piano
Emile Parisien / tenor & soprano saxophone
Logan Richardson / alto saxophone
Stephane Kerecki / bass
Ziv Ravitz / drums

Recording Information

Music composed by Yaron Herman, unless otherwise noted
Produced by Yaron Herman & Christophe Deghelt
Recorded by Philippe Gaillot at Recall Studio,
Pompignan, France, February 25 - 28, 2012.
Mixed and mastered by Philippe Gaillot at Recall Studio in April & May 2012.
Assistant: Renaud van Welden