Wolfgang Haffner

Silent World - Vinyl LP (incl. Hi-Res-Qobuz-Download)

  • Format: Vinyl (also available as CD )
  • Cat No.: ACTLP 9963-1
  • Barcode: 614427996312
  • German Release: 27/01/2023
  • Genre: Jazz

"Silent World" is perhaps the most personal album of drummer, composer, and bandleader Wolfgang Haffner yet. A master of clarity, focus, and reduction - accompanied by Dominic Miller, Nils Landgren, Till Brönner, Bill Evans, Rhani Krija, and many more.

Only digitally available

It is scarcely two years since everything suddenly went quiet, and we all found ourselves living in a "Silent World". For Wolfgang Haffner, the most prominent German drummer of our time, things came to a particularly abrupt halt, not least because his regular schedule is so packed and his habitual work-rate is so prolific. He is normally travelling across all five continents, playing with stellar artists from all kinds of genres; his own exceptional craft as a drummer is to be heard on no fewer than 400 albums. Fortunately, however, Haffner has always considered himself to be at least as much a composer as he is a drummer, so once he had absorbed the initial shock of being grounded at home…taken long walks...watched a lot of TV...it was completely natural that he should devote himself to writing music. And, for once, he wasn’...

line up

Wolfgang Haffner / drums

Simon Oslender / piano & keyboards
Thomas Stieger / bass (except 05 & 10)
Sebastian Studnitzky / trumpet
Bill Evans / soprano sax (01)
Till Brönner / flugelhorn (04)
Nils Landgren / trombone (08)
Dominic Miller / guitar (05)
Mitchel Forman / lead synth (02)
Eythor Gunnarsson / rhodes & synth (10)
Alma Naidu / vocals (01 - 03 & 08)
Rhani Krija / percussion (04 & 05)
Bruno Müller / e-guitar (01 & 10)
Nicolas Fiszman / bass (05 & 10)
Norbert Nagel & Marc Wyand / tenor sax, flute & clarinet (05 & 10)

Recording Information

Recorded by Klaus Genuit at Hansahaus Studios Bonn, Germany, May 2022, except Faro & Belief recorded by Clemens Matznick at Hansa Studio Berlin, Germany, Jan 2012
Mixed by Arne Schumann with Wolfgang Haffner
Mastered by Götz-Michael Rieth at Eastside Mastering Berlin

Produced by Wolfgang Haffner

Lacquer Disc Cutting by Sidney Claire Meyer at Emil Berliner Studios Berlin