Dearest Sister

Collective Heart - CD

  • Format: CD (also available as Vinyl )
  • Cat No.: ACT 9953-2
  • Barcode: 614427995322
  • German Release: 21/04/2023
  • Genre: Crossover

“With Dearest Sister, the term 'jazz' has to be redefined. There’s everything here, between Massive Attack and Sade. A great debut!" Rolling Stone

“Dearest Sister combine jazzy musicality with elaborate songwriting. The music can be grand and intimate at the same time, sounding atmospheric, moody and crystal clear. And Finnish-born Andrea Hatanmaa is carefully avoids sounding too much of a jazz singer, and there is more musical kindship to the likes of Ane Brun.” LIRA (SE)

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There is a great succession of musical discoveries coming out of Sweden right now, and it never ceases to amaze. In this instance, the well-honed skills of jazz musicians are aligned with an strong sensitivity for songwriting. The three women and two men who make up "Dearest Sister" form a band in the fullest sense. Their upcoming debut album "Collective Heart" (Release: November 11, 2022) is a prime example of a current musical development: extremely able young musicians with open minds and ears are applying the rigour and the tools from their jazz training to find a sound world that is very distinct from jazz. And whereas their music unavoidably looks straight in the eye at the influences, themes and issues affecting their generation, these artists also deftly avoid another trap: they steer clear of the usual prod...

line up

Ylva Almcrantz / piano, Rhodes, synthesizers
Andrea Hatanmaa / lead vocals, synthesizer, backing vocals
Ellen Pettersson / flugelhorn
Joakim Lissmyr / double bass
Liam Amner / drums and percussion

Petter Hängsel / trombone
Erik Rönér / french horn
Thomas Lunderquist / french horn

Recording Information

Recorded and mixed by Joakim Lindberg at Studio Sickan Malmö, June and October 2019
Mastered by Magnus Lindberg Productions 2020

Cover art by Emma Larsson: Metamorphosis