Black String

Mask Dance - CD

  • Format: CD
  • Cat No.: ACT 9036-2
  • Barcode: 614427903624
  • German Release: 14/10/2016
  • Genre: World Jazz, World Music, Jazz

New sounds from the ancient instruments of Korea: Black String create a unique musical language drawing on Korean traditional music, jazz and free improvisation

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A hard stick made from the kind of narrow bamboo that grows by the Korean sea-shore is used to pluck low-pitched strings made of twisted silk. The deep, beguiling tones that emerge from these completely natural materials could have been heard at any time since the seventh century, because Korean music has a continuous tradition far longer than Western music. The stick is called a suldae, the stringed instrument is a geomungo or six-string longboard fretted zither. It is the voice at the very heart of that tradition, with a role comparable to that of the piano in the West.Yoon Jeong Heo, the bandleader, instigator and passionate driving force behind Black String, is a specialist on the geomungo. She studied with a leading master of the instrument, and when she talks about her musical heritage, there is no doubting her total commitment t...

line up

Yoon Jeong Heo / geomungo
Jean Oh / guitar, electronics
Aram Lee / daegeum, yanggeum, danso
Min Wang Hwang / voice, janggu, percussion

Recording Information

Recorded at Brickwall Sound, Seoul, Korea, June 30, 2016
Mixed on July 5 & 7 and mastered on July 9, 2016
Engineer: Hyomin Kang
Produced by Yoon Jeong Heo
Executive Producer: Myung Kuk “Victor” Kye (HUB MUSIC Inc.)