Yaron Herman - © ACT / Jörg Grosse Geldermann
Yaron Herman - © ACT / Jörg Grosse Geldermann

There is something magical about Yaron Herman’s life story. He was born on 12 July 1981 in Tel Aviv and started out on a promising career as a basketball player in the Israeli junior national team, but that was cut short by a serious knee injury that ended his sporting ambitions.

He only decided to take up playing the piano at the age of 16, inspired by methods based on philosophy, mathematics and psychology. His enthusiasm and talent, surprising in someone so young, meant that he quickly became the pianist that everyone was talking about with admiration and astonishment. There is no match for his stellar ascent to become one of the most popular and most regarded pianists in the world.

An overwhelming media response attended his career from its very beginning. In France he was rapidly regarded as the most promising artist in modern jazz. For his first trio album "A Time for Everything" he won the award for best new instrumentalist of the year at the «Victoires du Jazz». The album also received critical acclaim winning «Choc Jazzman» of the year and «Disque d'émoi Jazz Magazine». During these years, Herman toured extensively throughout Europe, Asia and America and gathered a huge audience.

His ACT debut "Follow the white Rabbit" (released in November 2010) is a first highlight in his career. The album's title is an allusion to Lewis Carroll's novel "Alice in Wonderland", in which a little impish rabbit guides bored Alice on her exciting journey throughout a shimmering and yet dramatic magic world. Yaron Herman's magic world is represented by his music, which transcends all genre boundaries. With his love of adventure he blurs all borders between jazz, pop and classical and manages to draw his audience into a world full of innovation, joy and seemingly inexhaustible energy – regardless of their age or musical background.

Herman's latest album "Alter Ego"(released in September 2012) joins all facets of his artistic talent.  In collaboration with saxophonist Emile Parisien and Logan Richardson and clearly referring to the Jewish musical tradition, Herman presents a loving homage to his origin.

Yaron Herman on ACT:

Follow the white Rabbit (ACT 9499-2)

Alter Ego (ACT 9530-2)