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Yaron Herman

There is something magical about Yaron Herman's life story. He was born 1981 in Tel Aviv and started out on a promising career as a basketball player, but that was cut short by a serious injury that ended his sporting ambitions. He only decided to take up playing the piano at the age of 16. His enthusiasm and talent meant that he quickly became the pianist that everyone was talking about with admiration and astonishment. Today Herman has become one of the most popular and most regarded pianists of his generation. His music transcends all genre boundaries. With his love of adventure he blurs all borders between jazz, pop and classical and manages to draw his audience into a world full of innovation, joy and seemingly inexhaustible energy.

  • 18.11.2019
    The Jazz Animals
    GB - London
    London Jazz Festival, Cadogan Hall
    It must schwing! A tribute fo Alfred Lion & Francis Wolff
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    • Israel

      Snowball Music
      Oshrat Ben Haroosh