Wolfgang Haffner

Signature Edition 4 - CD | 2 CD Set

  • Format: CD
  • Cat No.: ACT 6007-2
  • Barcode: 614427600721
  • German Release: 26/03/2010
  • Genre: Nu Jazz

ACT Signature Edition - Essenz des künstlerischen Schaffens: 24 Titel, rund 120 Minuten Musik, persönlich ausgewählt vom Künstler

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The task: To capture the lifetime achievements, and the essential essence of the best ACT-artists. The solution: ACT Signature Editions. Much more than a usual “Best Of” album, on these double CD-sets the musicians themselves picked out 24 pieces, which they feel represent the most important, significant and personal selections from their repertoire. Remastered and given the best possible post-production. An excellent introduction for established fans as well as newcomers, who have yet to discover the musicians and their art…Born in 1965, the son of a church music director, Wolfgang Haffner’s career started early: he was just 18 when Germany’s most famous jazz musician, Albert Mangelsdorff, selected him as a member of his band. Today, Haffner is without a doubt the most renowned German drummer in the world. Not only has he played with...

Recording Information

Music personally selected by Wolfgang Haffner, recorded between 1992 - 2009

Signature Edition produced by Wolfgang Haffner
Executive Producer: Siegfried Loch
Compilation mastered by Klaus Scheuermann, 4ohm Music, December 2009