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Various Artists
Magic Moments 6 "In The Spirit Of Jazz"

Magic Moments 6 "In The Spirit Of Jazz"
Magic Moments 6 "In The Spirit Of Jazz"

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Compilation produced by Siggi Loch
Cover art: SUGARED II © by Jiri Geller - Courtesy Showroom Helsinki
Mastered by Klaus Scheuermann

The 6. edition of the popular Magic Moments series by Germany’s jazz label of the year 2010-2012 (ECHO award). In 2013 again under the motto “In the Spirit of Jazz”:
Music far from fixed styles. Sometimes more, sometimes less jazzy. Between the genres, whether classical music, rock or pop. On the pulse of time and beyond. With established ACT stars and promising newcomers. Music for open ears, for the mind and soul. And for everyone who loves good music:

Margit Hjukse (traditional) 3:19

Album: “Last Spring” ACT 9526-2

Bugge Wesseltoft, piano / Henning Kraggerud, viola

Fool's Gold* (Jacob Karlzon) 3:44

Album: “More” ACT 9533-2

Jacob Karlzon, piano / Hans Andersson, bass / Jonas Holgersson, drums

Lament (Youn Sun Nah) 3:38

Album “Lento” ACT 9030-2

Youn Sun Nah, vocals / Ulf Wakenius, guitar / Lars Danielsson, bass / Vincent Peirani, accordion / Xavier Desandre-Navarre, perc

Melodia del viento (Wolfgang Haffner) 4:11

Album: “Heart of the Matter“ ACT 9535-2

Wolfgang Haffner, dr / Thomas Quasthoff, voc / Dominic Miller, ac-git / Sebastian Studnitzky, tp, keys / Eythor Gunnarsson, p / Nicolas Fiszman, b / Bruno Müller, e-git

Waltz For JB (Brad Mehldau) 5:33

Album: “Thrill Box” ACT 9542-2

Vincent Peirani, accordion / Michael Wollny, piano / Michel Benita, bass

The Room of Imagination* (Adam Bałdych) 6:28

Album: “Imaginary Room” ACT 9532-2

Adam Bałdych, violin / Marius Neset, sax / Jacob Karlzon, p / Lars Danielsson, b / Morten Lund, dr / Verneri Pohjola, tp

Someone Like You (Adele Adkins) 5:04

Album: “Love Comes To Town” ACT 9541-2 (Release: 30.8. 2013)

Torsten Goods, voc & git / Jan Miserre, keys / Christian von Kaphengst, b / Wolfgang Haffner, dr / Ingolf Burkhardt, flugelhorn / Magnus Lindgren, woodwinds / Nils Landgren, trombone

Glocken (Richard Wagner) 3:49

Album: “Parsifal” ACT 9544-2

Dieter Ilg, bass / Rainer Böhm, piano / Patrice Heral, drums

Tears Of Love* (Christian Muthspiel) 4:10

Album: “Seaven Teares” ACT 9551-2

Christian Muthspiel, trombone / Matthieu Michel, trumpet / Franck Tortiller, vibraphone / Steve Swallow, bass

Bayrum (Céline Bonacina) 4:08

Album: “Open Heart” ACT 9514-2

Céline Bonacina, baritone sax / Pascal Schumacher, vibr / Kevin Reveyrand, b / Hary Ratsimbazafy, dr / Himiko Paganotti, voc

Stepping Stone (Stephen Booker / Aimee Ann Duffy) 3:30

Album: “Silent Ways” ACT 9725-2

Cæcilie Norby, voc / Lars Danielsson, b & cello / Leszek Możdżer, p / Nguyên Lê, git & electronics / Robert Ikiz, dr

Troubadour (Klaus Paier) 3:36

Album: “Silk Road” ACT 9538-2

Klaus Paier, accordion / Asja Valcic, cello

The Great He Goat* (Arne Jansen) 2:52

Album: “The Sleep Of Reason” ACT 9539-2

Arne Jansen, guitars / Andreas Edelmann, b / Eric Schaefer, dr / Friedrich Paravicini, Ondes Martenot, harpsichord & H. organ

Birch Song* (Morten Qvenild) 4:41

Album: “Sunset Sunrise” ACT 9548-2

Morten Qvenild, p & electronics / Roger Arntzen, b & electronics / Pål Hausken, dr & electronics

Suffering* (Lars Danielsson) 6:32

Album: "Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic I" ACT 9556-2

Iiro Rantala, piano / Leszek Możdżer, piano

Volcano For Hire (Joe Zawinul) 5:16

Album: “Posting Joe - celebrating Weather Report” ACT 9553-2

Bernie Mallinger, violin / Igmar Jenner, violin / Cynthia Liao, viola / Asja Valcic, cello

*Radio Edit / Total Time: 70:42

Compilation produced by Siggi Loch

Mastered by Klaus Scheuermann

Cover art: SUGARED II © by Jiri Geller - Courtesy Showroom Helsinki