Soriba Kouyaté

Bamana - CD

  • Format: CD
  • Cat No.: ACT 9288-2
  • Barcode: 6 14427 92882 5
  • German Release: 01/04/2001
  • Genre: World Jazz
Only digitally available

The Paris - Dakar connection has a long tradition, and it is high time the direction was reversed; not by the way of some sandy trail, by the way, but on untrammeled musical paths. As a wanderer between worlds, the musical adventurer Soriba Kouyaté has brought new sounds out of Dakar to Paris, and together with his fellow French musical compatriots, has transformed West African melodies and songs into what can be called jazz in the broadest sense of the word. Kouyaté’s instrument is the kora, the West African harp: 21 nylon strings and body out of a dried calabash (a large squash) covered with tanned calfskin - an instrument that has been unmistakably gaining ground in non-African music in the last years. The history of the kora dates back to the thirteenth century and the ancient kingdom of Mali; it is the instrument of the griots, a...

line up

Soriba Kouyaté - kora
Linley Marthe - bass
Joël Allouche - drums, percussion
Didier Malherbe - saxophone (4), flutes (7, 11)
Médéric Collignon - pocket-cornet (1, 3), vocals (2)
François Quillet - piano (4), fender rhodes (10)
Annick Tangorra - vocals (2)
Philippe Gaillot - synthesizers, fender rhodes, e-guitar, vocals

Recording Information

Recorded by Philippe Gaillot at Recall Studio 30, Pompignan, France, December 1999
Mastered by Philippe Gaillot
Assistant engineer: Renaud Van Welden
Produced by Joelle Merlier & Philippe Gaillot for Société Recall