Nesrine - Vinyl LP (incl. Download Code)

  • Format: Vinyl (also available as CD )
  • Cat No.: ACTLP 9919-1
  • Barcode: 614427991911
  • German Release: 30/10/2020
  • Genre: Crossover, World Jazz, World Music, Jazz

Cello and voice with Arabic roots and Mediterranean soul

Vinyl € 20,00

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When the Franco-Algerian singer, cellist and songwriter Nesrine Belmokh and her trio NES appeared on the scene in 2018 they seemed to emerge from nowhere. Many parts of the music world in Europe were taken by surprise by her, and completely captivated as well. Now, for her second album named simply after her  – "Nesrine"  – she has re-invented herself. Nesrine's debut album "Ahlam" was received with tremendous and widespread enthusiasm. What commentators noticed was its sheer beauty, the unusual instrumentation of voice, cello and percussion, and also the way in which the Mediterranean region from North Africa to Southern Europe was brought to life and unified through music. The distinguished cellist Sol Gabetta called Nesrine "a wonderful singer and cellist". London’s Sunday Times described her...

line up

Nesrine / vocals & cello
Vincent Huma / guitar
David Gadea / percussion
Swaéli Mbappe / bass & moog
Manel & Imène Belmokh, Leïla Guinoun / background vocals

Recording Information

Music composed by Nesrine Belmokh, except Vitamin C by Can (Irmin Schmidt, Michael Karoli, Jaki Liebezeit, Holger Schüring & Kenji Suzuki)

Recorded at Jazztone studio, Papalacapa studio, Tigrus studio, November 2019 to February 2020

Mixed and mastered by Fab Dupont (Flux studio)

Produced and arranged by Vincent Huma & Nesrine


Lacquer disc cutting by Sidney Claire Meyer at Emil Berliner Studios, Berlin