Current exclusive ACT Artist
Falk - sax / Klein - rhodes / Fleischer - bass / Seidel - drums
Funky Jazz, Young German Jazz
  • Mo' Blow

    As "one of the hottest club bands" (Berliner Zeitung), Mo’ Blow fire up their audiences with a mixture of jazz, funk and soul: "Party, not with everyday grooves, but with sophistication," wrote the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper. These four Berliners have got the black groove in their blood and they surprise with a fresh combination of the hot feel of the 70s with the driving sounds of today. The solos are no less fascinating – no wonder when one considers the wide range of musical skills that each of the band members brings to the stage. Most of all, however, it is the many surprising details that make up the unmistakable character of the Mo’ Blow sound, which they have moulded and formed over the last 10 years: these are the young German wild ones! With heavy grooves, earthy sounds and driving rhythms, Mo' Blow is now also causing more and more of a stir on the international front.