Manu Katché

Live in concert - CD

  • Format: CD (also available as Vinyl )
  • Cat No.: ACT 9577-2
  • Barcode: 614427957726
  • German Release: 15/08/2014
  • Genre: Crossover, Jazz

The first live album and ACT debut of the worldwide reknown drummer: A great night at the Parisian New Morning full of intensity, spirit and magic.

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June. Monday night. Inside the New Morning, the atmosphere is special: the faithful are here — all connoisseurs — and you can feel it. As soon as Manu Katché launches into his concert — with the snap of a snare, a rumble on the toms — you can sense this is going to be some journey and he's not holding back. His bass-drum thuds with authority, punctuated by flashing cymbals, and his sticks fly into the air before they drop softly: right from the start, they express the elegant dynamics which have come to characterize his style. They're his signature now. Beneath his beige cap, a broad grin lights up his immense desire to play. There's something in the air: an exceptional moment is coming.  The quartet present on stage played some 130 concerts last year, which gives it impressive cohesion; the sound is superbly solid, sweeping all...

line up

Manu Katché / drums
Luca Aquino / trumpet
Tore Brunborg / sax
Jim Watson / piano & Hammond organ

Recording Information

Music composed by Manu Katché

Recorded live at the New Morning, Paris, 16.06.2014

Produced by Manu Katché
Executive Producer: Reno Di Matteo for Anteprima

Cover art by Katharina Grosse, untitled (detail), 2012 © Katharina Grosse & VG Bild-Kunst, 2014